Debuted at Kazakhstan Defense Exhibition

On May 23, the four-day KADEX-2018, the fifth Kazakhstan Defense Exhibition, was held in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Norinco brought a variety of military and trade fist products to the exhibition and received extensive attention.

Norinco is the only Chinese military and trade company that participated in the Kazakh Defense Exhibition five times in a row. Norinco focused on the possible needs of Kazakhstan and other countries in Central Asia. Noinco focused on the demonstration of mobile assault, firepower attack, air defense and antimissile, attacking and destroying armor, and defense. Disaster relief, counter-terrorism and riot prevention, military logistics, and Beidou system ground application products, etc. The technical indicators and performance of the products have reached the international advanced level. During the exhibition, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the booth of the Norinco.