VT4 Main Battle Tank Shines Thai Army Media Open Day

On January 26, the Thai Army held the VT4 main battle tank media open day event and operation training ceremony. More than 30 mainstream media from domestic and Thai local regions participated in the event. Major General Saakda, deputy director of the Royal Thai Army Ordnance Department, and commander of the cavalry center, Major General Wan Xiao, were invited to attend the event.

The Open Day activities of the media are divided into five parts: media meeting, tank mobility performance, fire performance display, battlefield survival display, and static display. During the entire event, a total of 8 VT4 tanks participated in the dynamic and static display. All performing subjects achieved excellent results and achieved satisfactory results.

 During the meeting with the media, Major General Vanke, commander of the Thai Army Cavalry Center, gave a welcome speech and answered questions from reporters. When answering a CCTV reporters question, Wanchao stated that the performance of the VT4 tank is in line with Thai requirements and is generally welcomed by Thai trainees.