Second Armor and Anti Armor Day

On August 16th, China Ordnance Industry Corporation, after successfully hosting the 2014 Armor Day and the 2015 Artillery and Smart Ammunition Day, once again shocked and debuted in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, for the theme Armor and Anti Armor Day. activity. In this activity, China North Industries Group Corporation launched the latest products in the field of tanks and armored vehicles and star products in the field of anti-armor. It showed the overall solutions in this field to all walks of life and represented the highest level of Chinese Army weapons and equipment. , Shows weapons industry technological innovation, independent research and development and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

In this "Armored and Anti-Armored Day" campaign, China North Industries Group Corporation unveiled many of its latest products, and ground assault platforms and air strike forces gathered. In the armor field, including the main battle tanks, tracked vehicles, amphibious vehicles, wheeled vehicles, tactical support vehicles, and unmanned equipment, the continuous demand for wheeled and crawler-type armored vehicles by users in various countries was met, and was deeply influenced by the international military trade market. Highly recognized and widely praised. The advanced VT4 main battle tanks, the latest VT5 main battle tanks and the new VN series infantry fighting vehicles, amphibious armored vehicle families, and wheeled armored lightning protection vehicles were put on display. Industry's latest achievements in firepower, mobility, protection and information technology. At the same time, the unmanned equipment represented by the sharp claw 2 type 1t wheel ground unmanned patrol combat platform, the sharp claw type 3 portable ground reconnaissance platform, and the new unmanned aerial vehicle demonstrated the weapons industry in the unmanned vehicle and drone The latest research achievements in the field and the latest developments in the field of unmanned combat platforms.