Party Committee of NORINCO Holds Strict in Exercising Power Theme Workshop


Recently, the party committee of NORINCO helda Strict in Exercising Power theme workshop, the third phase of implementing Three Stricts, Three Honests education. Centered on the theme of Strict in Exercising Power, the leading team members delivered speeches one by one according to their actual experience and work in charge, further unifying thoughts and improvingpolitical awareness through mutual exchanges.

Party Secretary ZhangGuanjie pointed out that leading cadres have power and corresponding responsibilities, and it is essential to know where the power comes from. He proposed six aspects for implementing the requirement of Strict in Exercising Power: streamlining administration and decentralization; exercising power pursuant to laws and regulations; exercising power prudently;exercising power inawe;exercising power under supervision; exercising power capably.

President ZhiYulin summed up at the special workshopon the theme of Strict in Exercising Power, the leading team members talked about their experience, identified the problems, and practically proposed ways of improvement in connection with the workthey are in charge of. He urged the leading cadres at different levels of NORINCO to improve ideological understanding by strengthening theoretical study, set the concept of assuming the responsibility and exercising the power capably for the people, and promoting the transformation and development of NORINCO practically.