ZHI YulinDelivers a Strict in Exercising Power Theme Party Class


Recently, NORINCO has been carrying out Strict in Exercising Power theme party class education, the third phase for implementing the Three Stricts, Three Honests education. President and Deputy Party SecretaryZhiYulin gave a special party class titled Exercising Power for Public Interests, and Promoting Sound Development of the Corporation Strictly and Honestly.

ZhiYulin explained that the requirements of Three Stricts, Three Honests specify the value pursuit, political moral and behavior code of the communists, as well as the firm resolution and distinct attitude of the Party Central Committee to relentlessly implement the principle of enhancing the Party self-discipline. Strict in Exercising Power is the fundamental guarantee to practice Three Honests (honestlyplanning matters, starting up business and behaving). He said that executives of the corporation must strengthen study for deep comprehension, and conscientiously implement the requirement of Strict in Exercising Power. He stressed three points: First, be aware of the purpose,revere the power, and understand what the power is; Second, be aware of laws and disciplines, and exercise the power accordingly; Third, be aware the responsibilities, and exercise the power effectively for public interests.